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Trade Credit & Political Risk Insurance

Hong Kong

We advise and act for major European and Asian credit insurers, providing policy advice and defending claims. Our work includes investigating cases in which fraud is suspected, mapping the inter-relationships between parties to a transaction and devising a strategy for recovery action or defence of a policy claim using in-depth trading knowledge which the team has acquired with a combined experience of nearly 100 years in Hong Kong.

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High­lights of our ex­per­i­ence in Trade Cred­it & Polit­ic­al Risk In­sur­ance
Trade cred­it in­surers in a US$5.5 mil­lion com­plex fraud case in­clud­ing Ger­man sellers, in­ter­me­di­ar­ies, a “For­tune 500” Chinese com­pany and Hong Kong re­ceiv­er, as well as a Chinese bank and its re­fus­al to pay un­der a bill of ex­change.Trade cred­it in­surers in re­spect of a US$90 mil­lion claim presen­ted by an as­sured bank in which its cus­tom­er had sold to a re­lated buy­er with 180 day cred­it terms which res­ul­ted in both parties ceas­ing busi­ness.Cred­it in­surers on the in­vest­ig­a­tion of a Ja­pan­ese elec­tron­ics man­u­fac­turer in a series of failed trades with a coun­ter­party which tran­spired to be the acts of two rogue em­ploy­ees work­ing for the buy­ing and selling com­pan­ies.