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Maritime Disputes

Hong Kong

Our work covers the full spectrum of shipping disputes, whether in Court proceedings, arbitration or mediation, including:

  • Charterparty disputes: delivery and redelivery, off-hire, laytime and demurrage, bunker quantities and specifications, oil major approvals, vessel’s speed and consumption, hold cleaning, cargo and trading restrictions, damage to hull, machinery and engines, unsafe ports, frustration and force majeure, non-payment of hire and repudiation, exercise of liens, hull fouling, cargo indemnity claims including issues with lost, switched or fraudulent bills of lading, personal injury and death claims and dangerous cargo.
  • Bill of lading disputes: quality / quantity of cargo, misdelivery, cargo loss, damage and shortage in respect of individual claim as well as representing the market in large casualties. The work often involves related issues such as claims arising in multimodal transit including rail, truck, air and warehousing / storage, as well as drafting terms and conditions for carriers.
  • Shipbuilding, ship repair, subcontractor disputes, performance and refund guarantees, and ship sale and purchase.
  • Marine casualty, including collisions, salvage, general average, total loss, piracy, fire and explosion, stability, liquefaction, pollution, towage and wreck removal.
  • Brokerage and brokers’ liability.
  • Ship management, including contractual disputes relating to duties and obligation, unpaid fees and disbursements, crewing issues and employment contracts, termination of agreement and drafting ship management contracts.
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High­lights of our ex­per­i­ence in Mari­time Dis­putes
PRC char­ter­ers in suc­cess­fully de­fend­ing a claim for pro­vi­sion of se­cur­ity un­der the NYPE Inter-Club agree­ment (re­por­ted as Lon­don Ar­bit­ra­tion 18/18).Vari­ous cargo in­terests with claims totalling over US$18.8 mil­lion in a lim­it­a­tion fund in Hong Kong res­ult­ing from a col­li­sion between “EL­ENI” and “HEUNG-A DRAGON”.Shipown­ers and their P&I Club in deal­ing with an aban­doned cargo on board, in­clud­ing ob­tain­ing or­ders re­lat­ing to dis­charge, ex­er­cise of a li­en and dis­pos­al as well as ob­tain­ing a de­clar­a­tion from the court that own­ers had ac­ted law­fully.A ma­jor world­wide ter­min­al op­er­at­or and its in­surer in re­spect of vari­ous al­li­sion claims res­ult­ing in dam­age to its fa­cil­it­ies and equip­ment in vari­ous jur­is­dic­tions.Ja­pan­ese shipown­ers in suc­cess­fully me­di­at­ing a dis­pute sub­ject to Lon­don ar­bit­ra­tion re­gard­ing oil ma­jor ap­provals.An in­ter­na­tion­al freight for­ward­er and its in­surers in re­spect of a fire on board the ves­sel “MAERSK HON­AN” in re­spect of the GA, sal­vage and PA claims arising in re­spect of 100 sep­ar­ate ship­ments.Dispon­ent own­ers on the dump­ing at sea of an aban­doned cargo and re­lated claims against char­ter­ers.P&I Club and its char­ter­ing mem­ber in re­la­tion to its li­ab­il­it­ies in re­spect of the sink­ing of a bulk car­ri­er in­clud­ing loss of the ves­sel, crew and cargo on board with the total claims amount­ing to US$70 mil­lion.An off­shore sup­port ves­sel op­er­at­or in re­spect of ter­min­a­tion of charter­party for a ves­sel which had been down­graded by its oil ma­jor cli­ent and was, as a res­ult, no longer fit for pur­pose.PRC time char­ter­ers in de­fend­ing a claim for al­leged wrong­ful can­cel­la­tion of a charter­party.Singa­por­ean char­ter­ers in suc­cess­fully pur­su­ing a claim in Lon­don ar­bit­ra­tion for breach of a ves­sel’s cargo ca­pa­city war­ranty.Deal­ing with theft of US$2 mil­lion of watches and elec­tron­ics which oc­curred dur­ing the move­ment of the cargo between sea port and ware­house in Hong Kong.Korean time char­ter­ers on dis­putes arising out of a ma­jor col­li­sion and sink­ing.ING Bank in nu­mer­ous claims arising out of the OW Bunker in­solv­ency.